Meet Winston Transcript

Narrator: Meet Winston, WA's first Justice Facility dog.

The labrador was trained by Guide Dogs WA, and you might see him at Perth Children's Court where he supports victims, witnesses and visitors to reduce their stress and anxiety.

Winston was picked for the job because of his cheerful nature.

You'll see him and his handler in the public waiting areas, but they won't go inside court rooms when court is in session.

Giving evidence can be stressful and that can impact your memory, concentration and communication.

So if you're feeling upset or anxious you may like to pat, or just sit with Winston, that's what he's there for.

And don't worry if you're afraid of dogs, just let court staff know and Winston will keep his distance.

Final screen: Children's Court of Western Australia

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Department of Justice

Office of the Commissioner for Victims of Crime

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