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Government of Western Australia State Coat of Arms
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Winston the Support Dog

Meet Winston video transcript.

Winston's Role

Winston is a Facility Dog from Guide Dogs Western Australia. Facility dogs can reduce stress and anxiety. They can improve speech and memory function along with physical and mental wellbeing.

He is here to support people when they are at court. Winston can sit with child witnesses when they need comfort. He is very friendly and loves people.

When Winston is walking through the waiting areas, you can ask the handler if you can pat and talk to him.

If you do not want Winston to come near you, you can tell a security officer or other staff member. Winston's handler will be with him at all times.

Winston is allowed to be in waiting areas of the Perth Children's Court as part of his role as a facility dog. He is not allowed to go other places without permission.

Guidelines for Interacting with Winston

  • Always introduce yourself to Winston and allow him to come to you.
  • Stroke or pat Winston gently on his chest or side.
  • If he wants to move away, please do not force or restrain Winston.
  • Winston will respond well if you call his name and have a gentle tone.
  • Please be considerate to not overwhelm or overcrowd Winston. Everyone will get an opportunity to see him.
  • Always listen to instruction from Winston’s handler.
  • Winston is not allowed to jump up or lick people or objects.
  • Do not feed Winston or eat near him.

Last updated: 10 April 2024

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