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Children's Court of Western Australia
Children's Court of Western Australia

Violence Restraining Order

Violence Restraining Orders are intended to restrain a person who the applicant believes:

  • Is likely to commit a violent offence against them. It can also be for someone who the applicant has legal responsibility for. For example the applicant's child.
  • Is likely to behave in a manner that creates fear that they will commit a violent offence.

There is no fee to apply for a violence restraining order.

Legal Aid - Violence Restraining Order


You need to fill in an application form and submit it to the court for processing.

You should also write out an affidavit and submit it with the application. The affidavit should say what the other person is doing and why you need a violence restraining order.

Making Changes to the Application

You need to fill in a form if you want to make any changes to a violence restraining order. The form must be lodged at the court registry. You can apply to change, extend or cancel a violence restraining order.


Witness Summons

Last updated: 8 February 2023

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