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Government of Western Australia State Coat of Arms
Children's Court of Western Australia

Victim Support

Most people do not expect to be the victim of a crime.

We understand that it can be very hard for a victim to come to court and tell everyone about a crime.

Our goal is to help you through the court process with kindness and respect.

The Victim Support Service provides counselling and support services. It is staffed by professional counsellors and trained volunteers.

The Commissioner for Victims of Crime website has information on where to get support. It also answers some common questions and gives more information for victims.

Sometimes victims and the offender meet to talk about the crime. This can help both sides understand the other.

The Victim-Offender Mediation Unit arranges mediation between victims and offenders.

It is possible to find out about the offender's movements, or when they are in the community. To do this register with the Victim Notification Register.

Victim Impact Statement

A victim impact statement is when a victim tells the court how a crime has affected them.

It is usually written by the victim and read out in court.

This helps the court and the offender understand how the crime has affected a person's life.

When deciding on a punishment, the judge or magistrate uses it.

Last updated: 10 April 2024

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