A transcript is a detailed written record of a court trial. Parties to proceedings and certain other parties may request to inspect or obtain court transcripts. The transcript is an official copy of the proceedings of a court and is kept on the file.

Who can obtain a copy of a transcript?

Section 51A of the Children’s Court of Western Australia Act 1988 (WA) describes who is entitled to obtain a copy of a court record. See the State Law Publisher website to download the Act.

How can I order a copy of a transcript of a court hearing?

Email the Court at

Write a letter to the Audio Visual Officer, Children’s Court of WA, 160 Pier Street, Perth WA 6000 with a completed transcript request form attached (see download below), or fax the court on 08 9221 1705 with a copy of a completed transcript request form attached.

There are costs incurred when requesting transcripts. You will be provided with an estimate for the costs of preparing the transcript, and upon payment, your transcript will be ordered. See the Fees webpage.

What information should I provide?

If you are unsure how much of a hearing you need to have transcribed, you can request to listen to the audio recording of the hearing to determine which parts you need transcribed.

Requests to listen to the audio recordings of hearings should be made in the same manner as ordering transcript set out above.

There is also a search fee payable to listen to an audio recording of a hearing. See the Fees webpage.

Other details about a transcript of a court hearing:

Transcript Charges

How much will the transcript cost and how long does it take to prepare?

There is a fixed fee per transcript request, plus additional per page fees, depending on delivery time, of:

See the Fees webpage for the current Court fees.

A deposit of 75% of the estimated cost of the transcript is payable on lodgment.

Your transcript will take approximately 7-10 working days to be transcribed, unless requested on an urgent basis. Additional delivery time will be necessary for metropolitan and country court registries

Once you have been notified your transcript is ready, it is to be collected WITHIN 14 DAYS, unless other arrangements are made.

Last updated: 31-Mar-2020

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