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Publication of Sentencing and Bail Review Reasons

The Children’s Court does not routinely publish the reasons given by a judicial officer in dealing with a young person.  

From time to time, reasons for decision which are determined by the President to be of particular significance or public interest will be placed on the Children’s Court website, once they have been edited and validated by the Court. The reasons will remain on the website for a limited time, before being removed.

Judicial reasons are edited to take account of suppression orders, statutory prohibitions on the identification of victims of certain offences and the identification of young offenders.

Sentencing remarks may be edited if the general publication of them is likely to have an adverse impact on victims, witnesses or others connected with the proceedings. 

While every effort is made to comprehensively edit the reasons, it may be a criminal offence to further publish sentencing remarks from this website where such publication contains information or details likely to lead to the identification of certain persons in proceedings.

This includes any information which may directly or indirectly lead to the identification of children who are involved in criminal proceedings and complainants in criminal sexual offences, but is not limited to those categories.

You should seek legal advice before any further publication or dissemination of information contained in the reasons published on this website.

Current Sentencing Reasons

Current Bail Review Reasons

Last updated: 9-Dec-2022

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