Children's Court of Western Australia

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Security Screening

The Perth Children’s Court have reviewed the security screening procedures for 160 Pier Street, Perth.

To enter the Perth Children’s Court courthouse, persons will be required to undergo security screening at the primary entry checkpoint.

Food and plastic bottle drinks may be consumed in the registry waiting area, however prohibited items that cannot be brought into the building include glass bottles, tin cans, hard water bottles, hot liquids and cutlery.

Agency staff working within the courthouse and signing out office keys from the security desk each day may enter the courthouse on the production of their valid ID pass. 

These officers include Department of Justice, Legal Aid WA, Aboriginal Legal Service of WA, Womens Legal Service WA, LINKS, MYBS, BRS, OCS, Department of Communities Child Protection, Department of Education, Disability Services Commission and Child Witness Service.

Access to the court registry is restricted to court staff and security officers.

Thank you for your cooperation and compliance with this procedure.

Last updated: 13-Oct-2020

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