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Children's Court of Western Australia
Children's Court of Western Australia

Interim Orders

It can take up to a year to finish a protection and care case. While the case is going on, the court will sometimes make interim orders along the way. These are temporary orders.

The types of issues the court might make interim orders about include:

  • Contact and time spent with others. This includes how much contact there should be. Where contact should be. If contact needs supervision and if so, who should supervise.
  • Placement of a child with a parent or relative, this is who the child should live with.
  • Adding others as a "party" to the case.
  • Appointing a Court Expert.
  • Appointing a Child Representative.

To get an interim order, a party in the case has to lodge an Application in a Proceeding form. Along with an Affidavit supporting the application.

The Affidavit should set out all the reasons that the order they are asking for is best for the child.

Once the court has the application and affidavit, the documents need to be served. That is a copy needs to be given to everyone else involved in the case. They then have a chance to reply.

The Endorsement of Service Form needs to be filled in and sent to the court within seven days of service of the application.

Last updated: 7 February 2023

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