Children's Court of Western Australia

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Going to Court

There are many reasons why people attend court.

Many people go to the Children's Court either as a party to a case, as a witness, or to support their family or friends.

You may come across the following people during your time at the Children's Court:


The magistrate or judge hears the evidence and makes a decision on the matter before the court. The magistrate or judge makes sure everyone follows the rules of the court and is the boss.

Judicial Support Officer (JSO) or Judge's Associate

The JSO or judge's associate helps the magistrate or judge by writing down important things, looking after the evidence and making sure all the equipment in the courtroom works.

Court Room


The prosecutor can be a lawyer or a police officer. Their job is to show that the accused broke the law by presenting facts and evidence to the court.


The defendant is the person who has been charged with an offence. The defendant may also be called the accused.

Defense Lawyer

The defense lawyer's job is to help the defendant (the accused) tell their story.

Last updated: 30-Oct-2017

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