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Disability Justice Service

The Disability Justice Service helps people who have a disability.

Early Intervention

If you think the police might arrest you, they can give you information about the law.

If you are already involved with the police, they can give you advice.

Advocacy and Legal Support

If you are charged with a crime, they can put you in contact with specialist advocates and lawyers.

Support through the Court Process

Disability Justice Service can explain what happens in the courtroom.

They also know about programs that might be helpful for you, like the Links Program.

If you agree, they can give information to the courts about your disability. That way the court can understand you better and can try to make sure you have proper support.

Disability related support can be arranged if you are sentenced to a community order. They can also help to plan support with other agencies.


Sometimes people might be "unfit" to go through a trial on a criminal charge because of a disability. People might be "unfit" if:

  • They don't understand the crime.
  • They don't understand the evidence against them.
  • They don't understand what is happening in court.
  • They are not able to explain what they say happened to defend that they did anything wrong.

In these cases, the Disability Justice Service can do assessments and write reports. These reports provide details to the court about whether a person is able to go through a trial.

Support in Detention

Justice Coordinators keep in contact with young people who are in detention centres.

They can then help make sure plans for support are set up for when they are released. They might also be able to tell you about financial help that can be applied for.

This can help young people adjust back into the community better.

For more information contact the Disability Justice Service on 1800 176 888. Or by email.

Last updated: 10 April 2024

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