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Children's Court of Western Australia
Government of Western Australia State Coat of Arms
Children's Court of Western Australia

Applications for Video and Audio Links in Perth and Metropolitan Children's Courts

Information Note

The Court's COVID Practice Directions were abolished on 13 September 2022. Appearances by counsel and parties in all jurisdictions of the Court should have returned to pre COVID procedures.

The Court is currently working on a new Practice Direction which will attempt to harness the technology benefits of the COVID experience, including using video and audio links to connect with children and parties who have difficulty, by reason of location or disadvantage, appearing in person in court.

However, the Court also recognises the benefits of parties and counsel appearing in person where possible. In addition, the Court is concerned to ensure that links (where appropriate) are booked in a timely manner, and that parties are available and prepared.

Until the new Practice Direction is finalised, and for the sake of clarity, the Court expects that in all jurisdictions, counsel and parties will appear in person unless the Court has ordered otherwise. Pre-existing rules in relation to children in custody continue to apply.

Applications by lawyers and parties for video or audio links must be made before 2pm on the day prior to the appearance, if they are made at all. Applications are to be made by way of lodging an Electronic Attendance Request Form. This form is to be completed even where leave to appear electronically has been previously granted.

Urgent applications will still be entertained in special circumstances (for example, where a matter is listed late).

All applications must explain why the link is required or indicate the day on which leave was previously given (as the case may be). All applications will be refused by the registry unless a good reason is established.

Judge Hylton Quail

President of the Children's Court of Western Australia
24 October 2022

Last updated: 22 February 2023

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