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Children's Court of Western Australia
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For parents and guardians

As a parent, you have an important role when your child goes to court. You can support your child and give information to the court.

If you are not present and do not provide a good reason, the Court can order your attendance. If you fail to attend court when ordered, the Court may issue a warrant for you to be apprehended.

Your child should have a lawyer when going to Court. If you do not have a lawyer you should arrive at Court early and ask the Voluntary Court Welfare Service to arrange for your child to see the duty lawyer.

Magistrates sometimes will allow parents to give information to the Court which may be taken into account at the time of sentencing.

This usually happens if you tell your lawyer you have something you want to say.

You may want to tell the court how you are dealing with the situation and how your child has behaved since the offence occurred.

You may also want to bring character references from people including teachers, employers or sporting coaches for example, but it will be up to the magistrate whether they will be read.

If your child is required to attend an interview with a Youth Justice Officer to have a report written, you should also attend the interview so you know what is happening.

Your child may be brought to the Children's Court in three ways. He or she may be:

  • arrested by the police and kept in a juvenile remand centre until going to court. Your child may be kept at Rangeview Remand Centre or Banksia Hill Detention Centre. Click on the name of the centre for information including locations, visits and contact details. If your child is remanded before court, let the court staff know that you are present on the day that your child appears in court.
  • arrested and released on bail. Your child signs papers promising to attend court when asked. A responsible adult must also sign the papers to make sure the promise is kept. The Supervised bail program is available for juveniles who do not have a responsible adult to sign their bail undertaking
  • given notice to attend court by a police officer. The notice states the date and time that your child must be in court. A copy of the notice should also be given to the child's guardian

Visit the information for young people information for young people section for more information about what happens when your child appears in court.

Last updated: 28-Oct-2013

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