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Children's Court of Western Australia
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Fee information for the Children's Court can be found in the downloads below.

You may be eligible to pay a reduced fee. You can download and complete an Application to Change Fee form if you are the holder of a valid Government issued concession card, Pensioner Concession or Health Care card.

Alternatively you may be an individual applying for a fee reduction because of financial hardship or in the interests of justice.

Pursuant to the Children’s Court (Fees) Regulations 2005, amended 4 July 2016:

  • Fees are reduced where an individual is recognised as an eligible individual.
  • Fees paid by eligible individuals are reduced, as set out in Schedule 1 - Column B.
  • An individual may apply for a fee reduction if they are the holder of a Government-issued Concession Card, or on the ground of financial hardship, or in the interests of justice.
  • An individual who has been approved to pay a reduced fee, pays the fee of an Eligible Individual as defined in the Regulations.
  • Exemptions under limited circumstances may apply eg. persons under 18 years of age (Regulation 5).
  • Limited fees and charges may be waived "in the interests of the justice". This can only be done by a Judicial Officer.
  • Fees for transcripts include an Administrative fee of $18.75, which will be charged for ALL requests for Transcript; this fee may be reduced to $5.60 for customers who meet the requirements of an eligible individual.
  • In addition to the Administrative fee, a transcript request attracts a per page rate, the charged based on the production turn-around time for the transcript (either 1 day, 4 days or 7 days) and is chosen by the customer requesting the transcript. See the Legal Resources > Transcripts webpage.

Last updated: 12-Aug-2016

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